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The Amphibian Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to education as well as the conservation and research of amphibians.

For 20 years we have been working towards conserving amphibians and educating others of not only their importance, diversity and biology, but also the impacts amphibians make in our daily lives.

Most people don't even think twice about this diverse group of animals, but now amphibians are facing a global extinction crisis and need help. Currently, one-third of the world's 7000+ amphibian species are in decline — or already extinct.

We, along with many dedicated partner agencies are working towards saving amphibians from extinction.


What We Do | Why We Do It

the amphibian foundation's 'c.o.r.e.'



Working in the field to save endangered southeastern amphibian species


Connecting students and nature with amphibians and reptiles


Applied conservation research and training for 'citizen scientists' of all ages


Academic and camp instruction on amphibian biology and conservation

our experience


  • Conservation Research

    1998 - PRESENT

    We have worked vigilantly with many talented and dedicated partners over the years to research and conserve frogs and salamanders in the northeastern US: Marbled Salamanders, Ambystoma opacum | Spotted Salamanders, Ambystoma maculatum | Wood Frogs, Rana sylvatica, as well as most recently in the southeast US, including amphibians in Everglades National Park and the Long Leaf Pine ecosystem. We have also worked to save neotropical critically endangered species such as Lemur Leaf Frogs, Agalychnis lemur and Eyelash Marsupial Frogs, Gastrotheca cornuta.

  • Education and Outreach

    1998 - PRESENT

    In the 1990's, we formed 'Herps for Twerps' with a friend and brought reptiles and amphibians into classrooms to teach children about these incredible animals. Since then, education and outreach has always been of paramount importance to us. This year, we changed the name of our outreach programs to The Young Scientists' League to embrace our developing metro Atlanta educational programs such as Critter Camp, Critter Club and the Atlanta Urban Ecologists program which will be offered this year through a partnership with Atlanta Audubon, Chattahoochee Nature Center, Trees Atlanta, Arabia Mountain, WAWA, the Blue Heron Nature Preserve, and others. Through The Young Scientists' League, we are developing even more educational programming teaching science with reptiles and amphibians in classrooms.

  • Conservation Coordinator

    2009 - 2016

    Mark Mandica (Executive Director of The Amphibian Foundation), managed the Amphibian Conservation Program at the Atlanta Botanical Garden until 2016. During that time the program focused on neotropical frog conservation, as well as priority frog and salamander species native to the southeastern US. Mark inititated programs to contribute to the recovery of the imperiled Frosted Flatwoods Salamander and to train 'citizen scientists' to monitor urban amphibian communities in metro Atlanta. He built a strong internship program with students from GA Tech, UGA and SCAD, and developed a scientific illustration program for students at ABG. He developed and taught classes at GA Tech and Duke University TIP, and is a TED scholar that spoke on his love of salamanders, and how that transformed into contributing to the federal Flatwoods Salamander Recovery Program.

  • Critter Camp

    2015 - PRESENT

    Critter Camp started in the summer 2015 at the Friends School of Atlanta. The 5 day camp, with one day spent exploring salamanders, then frogs, turtles, lizards and snakes was a huge success and continued the next summer as well. Now, Critter Camp is expanding to the Critter Club, an after-school club during the school year. Critter Camp is open to campers (ages 6 - 13) from all schools. For more information, see:

  • Scientific Illustration and Internships

    1998 - PRESENT

    Mandica Illustration and Design, Inc was incorporated in 2000 to provide scientific illustrations for biological research. Since then, we have been published in dozens of journals and text books such as Journal of Experimental Biology, Science and Nature - and The Evolution of Animal Communication and The Biology and Conservation of the Eastern Indigo Snake. Illustrating science has always been one of our favorite ways to explore science and teach science to kids. We have interned many local students in the art of scientific illustration over the past several years, and in March 2016 we exhibited these amphibian illustrations in a month-long gallery in Decatur called The Ribbit Exhibit which raised money and awareness of global amphibian declines. During the Atlanta Science Festival, we held an all-ages scientific illustration workshop teaching the 'behind-the-scenes' of scientific illutsration complete with live animals, specimens and skeletons - the types of materials illustrators work from. The workshop and exhibit productions were done in partnership with the Atlanta Science Tavern.

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Conservation Breeding Specialists

The Amphibian Foundation |
Our team is a member of the Conservation Breeding Specialists Group (IUCN) and has bred dozens of amphibian species in captivity - from all over the world. Species ranging in status from common to rare and critically endangered. We focus on species of the southeastern US and are on the federal recovery team for the imperiled Frosted Flatwoods Salamander, Ambystoma cingulatum leading the initiative to breed this species in captivity in order to release offspring back into protected habitat.


Working with Children

The Young Scientists' League |
One of our greatest passions is getting kids excited about science! It isn't all that hard as we use reptiles and amphibians and engage children by encouraging them to observe and ask questions. We offer Critter Camp and Critter Club, which are both safe and hands-on programs offered through the Friends School of Atlanta. Our most recent Young Scientists' League program — developed with amazing Atlanta partners — is the Atlanta Urban Ecologists, which is taught at various locations throughout metro Atlanta.


Training Citizen Scientists

We love working with people who are passionate about amphibians and reptiles! Through our Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program, working with great Atlanta partners on the Atlanta Urban Ecologists program and through the Young Scientists' League, we work with professionals and train 'citizen scientists' to monitor and study our urban amphibian communities right in our own backyards.


Illustrating Science

Mandica Illustration and Design |
We have been illustrating for science since the late 90's. Our biological, herpetological and scientific illustrations have been published in text books, as well as the Journal of Experimental Biology, Nature and Science. We have trained scientific illustration interns from GA Tech, SCAD and the University of Georgia in pen and ink as well as digital renderings.


Raising Awareness

Frogs Need Our Help |
We believe in spreading the word about amphibians and conservation, and diligently post updates in the field regularly. We author the frog blog, which gets an average of almost 200 hits a day. Our instagram page is the most followed frog-related feed at almost 6000 followers! We have been featured on the Care2 site, the Huffington Post, National Geographic Magazine and on their Instragram page as well. We were also featured in the incredible documentary on the global extinction crisis — Racing Extinction.


Celebrating Amphibians

Critter Camp |
For the past two summers we have offered Critter Camp at the Friends School of Atlanta (Critter Camp welcomes students from every and any school). Critter Camp is five full days of exploration, with lots of safe, hands-on experience into the world of salamanders, frogs, turtles, lizards and snakes. Critter Camp is currently offered to students ages 6- 13.




How you can help amphibians!


  • Donate to The Amphibian Foundation

    Donate to The Amphibian Foundation

    The Amphibian Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to amphibian conservation and education.

    Our inititatives are dependent on donations, contributions and grants. Please consider donating today or become a member! Any amount helps directly to conserve amphibians in the southeast US.

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  • Make your yard 'amphibian friendly'

    Make your yard 'amphibian friendly'

    On the frog blog, we are accumulating resources focused on making your backyard more habitable by amphibians. Many times these suggestions involve doing less work then you are currently doing now. Particularly in an urban environment, our properties can be vital to neighborhood amphibian communities.

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  • Volunteer to Monitor Neighborhood Amphibians

    Volunteer to Monitor Neighborhood Amphibians

    If you are in the Atlanta area, please consider volunteering in the MAAMP program, or suggest survey sites.

    Outside of the metro Atlanta region, you can join your local Frog Watch chapter. If there isn't one in your area ... start one!

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  • Join our Mailing List

    Join our Mailing List

    Join our mailing list, and receive updates on developments, advancements and upcoming events in The Amphibian Foundation.

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  • Mark Mandica

    Mark is the Executive Director of The Amphibian Foundation and a life-long amphibian conservationist. He is also a biologist, scienfitic illustrator and musician. Most importantly, he is a father and husband.
  • Crystal Mandica

    Crystal is the VP and Director of Education at The Amphibian Foundation. She is also the main instructor for Critter Camp and The Young Scientists' League.
  • Chase & Anthony

    Chase and Anthony are the sons of Mark and Crystal. They are instructors and assistants in Critter Camp as well as our many outreach and educational programs.
  • Mark Mandica
  • Crystal Mandica
  • Chase & Anthony

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