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  • Mole Salamanders

    Mole Salamanders are one of the most fascinating species in the Southeast.
    Staff from the Amphibian Foundation are so enamored with this species we have put them front and center on the home page of this website.

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Ambystoma talpoideum

This species can be found in the south-eastern USA from the Coastal Plain of South Carolina through northern Florida, west to eastern Texas.

Mole Salamanders are pond breeding amphibians, obligated to breed in ephemeral (temporary) wetlands.

Recovery Plan
The Amphibian Foundation has identified Mole Salamanders (a species of least concern throughout most their range), as in need of concern in the metro Atlanta region. This species historically occurred in the Georgia Piedmont, and has not been detected in 4 years of extensive surveys through the Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program. The Foundation is working with area partners to restore habitat, and potentially release captive produced offspring into properly managed habitat.

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