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  • Ringed Salamanders

    The imperiled Ringed Salamanders are declining in their historically restricted range.
    Our newest addition to the Amphibian Research & Conservation Center.
    (photo by Todd Pierson)

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Ambystoma annulatum

This species can be found in the Ozark Plateau and Ouachita Mountains of southern Missouri, eastern Oklahoma, and western Arkansas, United States

Ringed Salamanders are found in forested areas. Noble and Marshall (1929) found adults beneath piles of vines in a field as well as under leaves near a pond. They probably live hiding under logs and rocks or burrowing in the soil and are seldom found out in the open.


Recovery Plan
The Amphibian Foundation is working with the University of Missouri and Missouri DNR to establish protocols for the captive propagation of this species, which has never been bred before in captivty. Establishing these protocols now could aid greatly in the recovery of the species if extreme conservation measures need to be implemented. Furthermore, Ringer Salamanders are the closest living relatively to the federally listed Frosted Flatwoods Salamanders, so knowledge gained by the successful propagation of Ambystoma annulatum, could benefit the program being developed for A. cingulatum.

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