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The Amphibian Foundation combines our experience, dedication and skill with many talented and passionate partner agencies. Partnerships are the underpinnings of all of our initiatives — and without these relationships we wouldn't be able to achieve our goals. If you are looking for an amphibian component to your ecological or conservation project, or would like to discuss collaboration, please let us know how we can help! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Our success is in our partnerships

    Our success is in our partnerships

    We are fortunate to be working with many talented and dedicated partners — all passionate about amphibians and amphibian conservation. Whether locally here in Atlanta, throughout the southeastern Coastal Plain or globally - any success we achieve is made through strong relationships with our partners and collaborators.
  • Partnerships in Education

    Partnerships in Education

    We have strong academic relationships with GA Tech, UGA, GA State and VA Tech as well as with local elementary schools such as The Friends School, Winonna Park Elementary, Midtown International School, and Sagamore Hills Elementary. We are passionate about educating people about amphibian biology and amphibian population declines and are always looking for new agencies and institutions with which to partner.
  • Partnerships in Conservation

    Partnerships in Conservation

    Through our many state, federal and academic partnerships we are able to get into the field and conserve some of the country's most imperiled amphibian species. Through working with the federal Flatwoods Salamander Recovery team, we are the only facility with an ex situ population of Frosted Flatwoods Salamanders, Ambystoma cingulatum.



the amphibianfoundation's partners


  • US Fish & Wildlife Service

    US Fish & Wildlife Service

    2012 - PRESENT

    Flatwoods Salamander Recovery Team leader | We have worked with USFWS since 2012 on a recovery plan for the imperiled flatwoods salamanders - Ambystoma cingulatum and A. bisphopi. Most recently, we are working with the service on the captive breeding and experimental release of Gopher Frogs, Rana capito.

  • US Geological Survey

    US Geological Survey

    2003 - PRESENT

    Flatwoods Salamander Recovery Team member | We have partnered with USGS for two major initiatives. The first was in 2003 for a Critical Ecosystems project modeling amphibian communities in Everglades National Park, FL and most recently on the recovery plan for flatwoods salamanders.

  • GA Department of Natural Resources

    GA Department of Natural Resources

    2009 - PRESENT

    Flatwoods Salamander Recovery Team member | We have partnered with GA DNR since 2009 on both the Gopher Frogs and Flatwoods Salamander initiatives. We also work with them on outreach projects and amphibian monitoring in the state.

  • The Turner Foundation

    The Turner Foundation

    2015 - PRESENT

    The Turner Foundation has been a huge supporter of our work, particularly with the recovery of the federally listed Frosted Flatwoods Salamander.

  • Blue Heron Nature Preserve

    Blue Heron Nature Preserve

    2012 - PRESENT

    Not only are we located at the BHNP, we have also partnered with them on a variety of projects, given workshops there and trained their interns to monitor amphibians at the preserve. We hope to continue projects into the future on urban and beaver-impacted wetlands in Atlanta.

  • Global Wildlife Conservation

    Global Wildlife Conservation

    2017 - PRESENT

    We work with GWC together in the fight against global extinctions. GWC is the fiscal sponsor of the Amphibian Foundation.

  • Zoo Atlanta

    Zoo Atlanta

    2009 - PRESENT

    We have worked closely with Zoo Atlanta on a variety of projects. Most recently, with the captive breeding, assisted metamorphosis and experimental release of Gopher Frogs, Rana capito. We also partner with the zoo and Amphibian Ark to develop and offer the North American Salamander Biology, Management and Conservation Course #SalamanderSchool

  • Amphibian Survival Alliance

    Amphibian Survival Alliance

    2016 - PRESENT

    We are very excited to partner with the Amphibian Survival Alliance, and work in collaboration with a global alliance to conserve amphibians with the support of the Amphibian Conservation Action Plan.

  • Joel Sartore's Photo Ark

    Joel Sartore's Photo Ark

    2011 - PRESENT

    We have worked with Joel on both his Photo Ark initiative and on the feature documentary — Racing Extinction. He is on our Board of Directors and has been a huge supporter of our work, including helping us to keep our amphibian conservation projects afloat.

  • GA Institute of Technology

    GA Institute of Technology

    2010 - PRESENT

    We have partnered with GA Tech on many projects since 2010. From instructing classes such as 'The Biomechanics of Amphibian Feeding' and 'Drawing on Nature' to mentoring student interns in biology, conservation and scientific illustration. Most recently, researching performance and biomechanics of captive Gopher Frogs.

  • Captain Planet Foundation

    Captain Planet Foundation

    2015 - PRESENT

    We serve the Captain Planet Foundation as 'Conservation Heroes' working with regional schools on amphibian conservation based projects.

  • West Atlanta Watershed Alliance

    West Atlanta Watershed Alliance

    2011 - PRESENT

    We have partnered with WAWA on several occasions such as Amphibian Monitoring, training young 'citizen scientists', bioblitzes at the Outdoor Recreation Center, and the Atlanta Urban Ecologists program.

  • FL Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

    FL Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

    2012 - PRESENT

    Flatwoods Salamander Recovery Team member | We work with FFWCC at the Florida sites for Ambystoma cingulatum, the Frosted Flatwoods Salamander, mostly with field sampling of larvae at St Marks WIldlife Refuge and Appalachicola National Forest.

  • Atlanta Audubon Society

    Atlanta Audubon Society

    2014 - PRESENT

    AAS is our neighbor at the Blue Heron! We work with Atlanta Audubon on a 5-Star Grant to restore and monitor the Confluence of the north and south forks of Peachtree Creek in Atlanta. We are also partnering with AAS on the Atlanta Urban Ecologists program. We are working together with AAS and Blue Heron to establish a center for urban ecology.

  • University of Georgia

    University of Georgia

    2009 - PRESENT

    UGA has taken the lead on Gopher Frog ecological research in Georgia. Particularly on the head-start initiative and release at Williams Bluff. We partner with them on the ecological research portion of the Gopher Frog Experimental Release program as well as head-starting the baby Gopher Frogs.

  • Southeast Partners in Reptile and Amphibian Conservation

    Southeast Partners in Reptile and Amphibian Conservation

    2010 _ PRESENT

    We have worked closely with SEPARC over the past 6 years. We have designed the conference logos for each conference, presented at meetings, given scientific illustration workshops and currently serve on the steering committee.

  • Georgia Reptile Society

    Georgia Reptile Society

    2016 - PRESENT

    We partner with the Georgia Reptile Society to increase awareness of reptiles and amphibians and participate in their Georgia Reptile Experience Events. The GRS are huge supporters of the Amphibian Foundation, assisting us in the production of promotional materials to support the foundation.

  • Adopt a Stream

    Adopt a Stream

    2012 - PRESENT

    We work with Atlanta Adopt a Stream on our Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program, and training 'citizen scientists' to monitor urban wetlands. We also love giving amphibian identification workshops at their annual Confluence conference for their hundreds of volunteers.

  • Chattahoochee Nature Center

    Chattahoochee Nature Center

    2009 - PRESENT

    We have worked with CNC on educational and wildlife projects focused on amphibians. Most recently, we are working together to develop the Atlanta Urban Ecologists program. Our outreach and conservation collection even has some amphibians rehabilitated by their strong wildlife rehabilitation program.

  • Atlanta Science Tavern

    Atlanta Science Tavern

    2012 - PRESENT

    We have partnered with the Atlanta Science Tavern many times over the last several years. The AST strongly supports and promotes the Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program and our amphibian identification workshops. We also put on a joint production with the AST for the 'Ribbit Exhibit' a month-long gallery at Kavarna Coffee in Decatur featuring the scientific illustrations of our amphibian conservation interns.

  • Trees Atlanta

    Trees Atlanta

    2015 - PRESENT

    We are partnering with Trees Atlanta on the 5-Star Grant for the restoration of the Confluence as well as most recently, with the Atlanta Urban Ecologists program.

  • Virginia Tech

    Virginia Tech

    2012 - PRESENT

    Flatwoods Salamander Recovery Team member | For many years, biologists from VA Tech have been researching the federally endangered Reticulated Flatwoods Salamander populations at Eglin Air Force Base in FL. We have been partnering with them since 2012 on the recovery of the Flatwoods Salamanders.

  • San Antonio Zoo

    San Antonio Zoo

    2013 - PRESENT

    Flatwoods Salamander Recovery Team member | We work closely with the Department of Conservation and Research at the San Antonio Zoo. We are mirroring each others' captive breeding programs as The Amphibian Foundation is working with Ambystoma cingulatum - The Frosted Flatwoods Salamander, and San Antonio is working with the Reticulated Flatwoods Salamander, Ambystoma bishopi.

  • Atlanta Science Festival

    Atlanta Science Festival

    2014 - PRESENT

    We love participating and celebrating science at the Atlanta Science Festival. We do scientific illustration programs, citizen science programs, and conservation programs at the festival each year.

  • Kavarna


    2009 - PRESENT

    Kavarna Coffee is a valuable partner in our mission, and has welcomed us to host many educational, outreach and exhibitions there. Kavarna in Oakhurst (Decatur) is a wonderful venue to hold free, easily accesible events for amphibian conservation and is where the 'Ribbit Exhibit' was held in early 2016.

  • Fernbank Museum of Natural History

    Fernbank Museum of Natural History

    2009 - PRESENT

    Fernbank particpates in the Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program and surveys Fernbank Forest for amphibians. The Amphibian Foundation also loaned Fernbank Museum Golden Poison Frogs (Phyllobates terribilis) from our conservation collection for their amazing Poison Exhibit in 2015. We participate annually in the 'Reptile Days' wildlife event at the museum.

  • Atlanta History Center

    Atlanta History Center

    2015 - PRESENT

    The Atlanta History Center is a site for the Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program and we have worked to train the staff there to properly identify amphibians. We have consulted with them on the design and construction of an articifial ephemeral wetland to attract imperiled Atlanta amphibian species. We are also working on a translocation program for Copperhead Snakes (Agkistrodon contortrix) with AHC turning their property into a no-kill, snake tolerant agency.

  • Bsal Task Force

    Bsal Task Force

    2015 - PRESENT

    We serve on Communications and Outreach Team of the National Task Force for Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans. The task force is an ad hoc group of professionals dedicated to mitigating the impact of a devastating salamander disease.

  • The Orianne Society

    The Orianne Society

    2013 - PRESENT

    We have worked with the Orianne Society sampling for Flatwoods Salamanders (Ambystoma cingulatum) in southwestern GA. We are also illustrating their upcoming book, the Biology and Conservation of the Eastern Indigo Snake.

  • Savannah River Ecology Lab

    Savannah River Ecology Lab

    2013 - PRESENT

    We have partnered with staff from SREL for field sampling of the endangered Flatwoods Salamander in GA, FL and SC.

  • University of Massachusetts

    University of Massachusetts

    1998 - PRESENT

    This all started at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, working in the Herpetology collections at the Massachusetts Museum of Natural History, and working in the departments of Biology as well as Wildlife and Conservation. Now we are working on the Digital Life Project - Frogs of the World.

  • University of Oklahoma

    University of Oklahoma

    2016 - PRESENT

    We are working with OU on the Digital Life - Frogs of the World Project.

  • The Friends School of Atlanta

    The Friends School of Atlanta

    2013 - PRESENT

    We work closely with the Friends School of Atlanta and have provided reptile and amphibian educational programs in 1st and 2nd grades, as well as given annual 'status updates' on amphibian conservation to the entire student body. FSA also hosts Critter Camp each summer. Lastly, we have donated Poison Frogs and an axolotl to the school for research and observation.

  • Amphibian Ark

    Amphibian Ark

    2013 - PRESENT

    We serve as scientific consultants for Amphibian Ark, and work with them on captive husbandry and conservation breeding topics. We partner with AArk and Zoo Atlanta on developing and producing the North American Salamander Biology, Management and Conservation course #SalamanderSchool

  • Atlanta Urban Ecologists

    Atlanta Urban Ecologists

    2016 - PRESENT

    Our Young Scientists' League has partnered with Atlanta Audubon, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, Chattahoochee Nature Center, Arabia Mountain and Trees Atlanta to provide the Atlanta Urban Ecologists program for students grades 7 - 12. We get students outdoors with local experts in the field.

  • Project Lemur Frog

    Project Lemur Frog


    We have worked with Andrew Gray and Adam Bland from the Manchester Museum's Vivarium's 'Project Lemur Frog' for a few years — exchanging amphibian husbandry techniques, staff and even frogs!

  • Remembrance Day for Lost Species

    Remembrance Day for Lost Species

    2016 - PRESENT

    We have partnered with the ONCA movement 'Rememberance Day for Lost Species' ( to help to get the message out for the extinction crisis out on a global level. Lost Species Day is November 30th.

  • Reigning Reptiles

    Reigning Reptiles

    2016 - PRESENT

    One of our newest partners is Reigning Reptiles in Buford. Aside from being the only legit reptiles shop in the greater Atlanta area, they are big supporters of reptile and amphibian conservation, and The Amphibian Foundation. They have connected us with many sponsors, and have donated lots of amazing and unique animals to our captive breeding and outreach collections.

  • Tailfin Marketing

    Tailfin Marketing

    2017 - PRESENT

    The talented and passionate team at Tailfin Marketing (Atlanta, GA) is helping The Amphibian Foundation to get the word out about amphibian conservation and what we are doing at the foundation!

  • Save the Salamanders

    Save the Salamanders

    2017 - PRESENT

    We are partnering with Matt Ellerbeck and Save the Salamanders to carry the conservation message and help people to understand the importance of salamanders and maintaining healthy salamander biodiversity.

  • Disappearing Frogs Project

    Disappearing Frogs Project

    2017 - PRESENT

    We are excited to work with the DFP — both organizations use art to convey the importance of amphibians and amphibian conservation to the public. We are are now both part of the Amphibian Survival Alliance.

  • The Rattlesnake Conservancy

    The Rattlesnake Conservancy

    2017 - PRESENT

    At the foundation, we are vocal advocates of snake conservation, and form partnerships with conservation agencies such as the EDCF. We provide a site for EDCF's Venomous Training, Handling and Certtification Program in Atlanta, and use their protocols for handling venomous snakes in the field and in captivity.

  • Tall Timbers

    Tall Timbers

    2017 - PRESENT

    Tall Timbers is one of our partners on the Striped Newt Repatriation Project. Part of our captive breeding colony came from the Dixie Plantation which is managed by Tall Timbers. We are grateful for this partnership and look forward to continued conservation efforts with TT in northern Florida

  • Berry College

    Berry College

    2018 - PRESENT

    We are partnering with Berry College on a variety of biology, ecology and cosnervation projects in GA and their new Biological Research Station of 26,000 acres.

  • Agnes Scott College

    Agnes Scott College

    2018 - PRESENT

    We are partnering with Agnes Scott College by developing two amphibian courses through the Continuing Education program and are open to adults (from any educational background) who would like to take a deep dive into the world of amphibians. The Biology of Amphibians, first offered in March 2018, and the Ecology and Conservation of Amphibians will start in the Fall 2018.




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