Welcome to the Amphibian Foundation's Online Learning Institute (AFOLI), and home of the Master Herpetologist Program. Courses will be added as they become available, and for requests please contact us at info@amphibianfoundation.org

We also have a full line of online programs available for ages 3-18 on the Outschool platform here.

    Available courses

    This intensive class provides an introduction to herpetology and equips participants with amphibian and reptile identification skills and general knowledge of frogs, salamanders, turtles, lizards and snakes — their life histories, habitat requirements and biodiversity.

    Course content includes classification and identification of amphibians and reptiles, 'herping' equipment, frog calls, attracting amphibians/reptiles and backyard wildlife habitat, anatomy and physiology, ecology, behavior, breeding migration, and conservation. This course is a deep dive into the world of amphibians and reptiles, intended to create a foundation of herpetological knowledge upon which students can build.

    The course fee includes lectures, exam, and certificate. 

    The class is intended for adults, but there is no age limit. Please contact us before registering someone under the age of 18