More than ever, students need experiences that open doors for them to learn and grow. Students who have lost so many social and learning experiences during the past few weeks of quarantine are looking for ways to experience nature and deepen their exploration of wildlife and conservation.

Our new Conservation Research Trainee Program is a special mini-semester designed for students and graduates who want to help save imperiled species, conduct conservation research, and explore their passion for amphibians.

This Trainee version of the Bridge Program is offered in five-week and ten-week increments and both have full or part time options. Just like our regular length semesters, our custom curriculum is designed to provide experiential training beyond the classroom, and includes: Field work, Captive Animal Husbandry, Peer-Mentoring, Guided Research and Creative Expression.

We are practicing social distancing protocols while we work outside and do field work at our location on the Blue Heron Nature Preserve. Some of our outreach and in-person classes are temporarily suspended, but we have replaced them with some exciting new community service projects including our creek clean-ups and amphibian and reptile surveys.

Come outside, do something you’ll love, and do something good... with us!

Mini-semester Conservation Research Trainee

Pricing & Registration

Registration includes tuition. Room and Board not included.

05 week apprenticeship Full time (40 hours/week): $4000
Part time (20 hours/week): $2500

10 week apprenticeship Full time (40 hours/week): $7500
Part time (20 hours/week): $4500

We are offering rolling admissions for the Mini-semesters, so apply today to get started as soon as possible!

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