Critter Caretakers - Amphibian & Reptile Care for the Jr Herpetologist

100% Online | Asynchronous | 16 week program | Certificate program | Offered: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

Dive into the world of amphibian and reptile care with Critter Caretakers, an 8-week virtual course hosted by the Amphibian Foundation! Inspired by our Husbandry + Captive Management Course for adults, this class is specially tailored for curious minds aged 10-15 eager to learn how to care for reptiles and amphibians.

Led by Master Herpetologist and AF Virtual Education Administrator, Erin Shebish, Critter Caretakers promises an engaging blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning, allowing you to delve into the realm of caring for these creatures at your own pace, anywhere in the world.

Each week, embark on a journey of discovery through pre-recorded lessons and assignments, covering everything from the basics of amphibian and reptile care to the intricacies of habitat selection and enrichment. Join your fellow classmates for live one-hour sessions every week, where you can interact with Erin, ask burning questions, and even showcase your own pet reptiles and amphibians!

Whether you're fascinated by the gentle demeanor of Leopard Geckos or captivated by the graceful movements of a Ball Python, Critter Caretakers will equip you with the knowledge and skills to become a responsible steward of these remarkable creatures.

Course Schedule - Class starts Saturday, July 20, 2024

Registration closes on July 18. We are not able to enroll students after registration closes.

Week 1 - Introduction and basics: How, when, and where to chose a pet herp.
Week 2 - Salamanders + Newts
Week 3 - Frogs + Toads
Week 4 - Lizards
Week 5 - Snakes
Week 6 - Turtles + Tortoises
Week 7 - Advanced Topics: Continuing Husbandry Education, Handling and Socialization, Health and Veterinary Care, Enrichment and Behavioral Needs
Week 8 - Final Exam

Students who complete the course successfully will be receive a certifcate of completion for the course. The registration fee covers all lectures, handouts, and reading materials & the certificate.


Event Information

Event Date 07-20-2024 11:00 am
Registered 5
Individual Price $195.00
Location Online

Venue Information - Online

Many of our courses are online, and links required to participate (Zoom, Moodle) will be provided prior to class.