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    Protecting Amphibians and Their Habitats


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Latest News43% of the World's Amphibians are in Decline

According to the IUCN, 43% of the world's amphibians are in catastrophic decline, or already extinct. This percentage is higher than declining mammals and birds combined. Amphibians are disappearing from pristine environments, as well as developed areas. Find out more about how you can help — starting right in your own backyard!

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  • Amphibian Foundation

    We’re an Atlanta-based nonprofit that leads one-of-a-kind conservation research programs to address threats in the southeastern United States and across the globe.
    We provide unique educational opportunities for all ages to learn about amphibians and inspire conservation.
    Established in 2016 by Mark and Crystal Mandica, we collaborate with partners in the fight against amphibian extinction.

    Join Us!

    The Amphibian Foundation relies on support in the form of annual and sustaining memberships. Our membership program provides the support needed to continue our conservation programs & gives members opportunities to get further involved!

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  • Captive Propagation

    ‘The only hope for populations and species at imminent risk of extinction is the immediate rescue for the establishment and management of captive survival-assurance colonies’
ACAP 2006 Report.
    Working with state, federal and international partners, the Amphibian Foundation develops novel, species-specific conservation programs, as outlined in the Amphibian Conservation Action Plan (ACAP 2006).
    The goals of which are always to experimentally release healthy captive-produced offspring into protected and managed habitat.
    The ultimate goal is that these species will no longer need our protection and will be safe, once again, in the wild.
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Mission: Dedicated to connecting individuals, communities
 & organizations in order to create & implement lasting solutions to the global amphibian extinction crisis.

Master Herpetologist Program

Registration Now Open For the Fall!

The Master Herpetologist Program is offered at the Amphibian Foundation and instructed jointly between the Foundation, GA DNR and the Orianne Society.

Amphibian Foundation and Zoo Atlanta

This intensive class provides an introduction to herpetology and equips participants with amphibian and reptile identification skills and general knowledge of frogs, salamanders, turtles, lizards and snakes — their life histories, habitat requirements and biodiversity.

Instructors: Mark Mandica, Executive Director, Amphibian Foundation; Chris Jenkins, CEO of the Orianne Society; Grover Brown, University of Southern Mississippi; and John Jensen, State Herpetologist for Georgia DNR (retired) and editor of our course text book.

Course content includes classification and identification of amphibians and reptiles, 'herping' equipment, frog calls, attracting amphibians/reptiles and backyard wildlife habitat, anatomy and physiology, ecology, behavior, breeding migration, and conservation. This course is a deep dive into the world of amphibians and reptiles, intended to build a foundation of herpetological knowledge upon which students can build.

The course fee includes lectures and 2 field trips, a copy of Amphibians and Reptiles of Georgia (Jensen, et al), a certificate, and a graduation luncheon. Throughout the year, Master Herpetologists may be offered early bird or discounted registration for workshops and other reptile and amphibian events in and around Georgia, including opportunities for field work in conservation studies.

The course meets every other Saturday from 10 am until 3pm (with an hour break for lunch). The class is intended for adults, but there is no age limit. Please contact us before registering someone under the age of 18.

Fall 2019

Week One (Aug 24th): Introduction
Week Two (Sept 7th): Salamanders
Week Three (Sept 21st): Frogs
Week Four (Oct 5th): Turtles
Week Five (Oct 19th): Amphibian Field Trip
Week Six (Nov 2nd): Snakes
Week Seven (Nov 16th): Reptile Field Trip
Week Eight (Nov 30th): Graduate Luncheon

The Amphibian Foundation is located at the beautiful, 30 acre, Blue Heron Nature Preserve in Buckhead (Atlanta, GA). The main building on the grounds holds 3 of the Foundation's research labs, office space and classrooms, as well as Atlanta Audubon Society, and the Blue Heron Nature Preserve's administration offices and classrooms. It is a hub for urban ecology and conservation right in Atlanta. The course will be held in the Amphibious AF Meeting Room.

This class is not wheelchair accessible

Would you like to see the Master Herpetologist offered on a weekday?

Your input is valued as we assess the possibility of offering a Master Herpetologist Program during the week. Please choose one of the answers below.