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AF Podcasts

Staff at the Amphibian Foundation are frequent podcast guests. Please listen to any of the following discussions on amphibians, amphibian conservation, endangered amphibians, reptiles, villified reptiles, and the importance of education.



'Tiny Imperiled Salamander on Brink of Extinction Bred in Captivity for First Time'

by Robin White

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National Geographic

Famous Frog Toughie Dies, Sending Species to Extinction

by Brian Handwerk

Mark spoke with National Geographic about 'Toughie' and the global amphibian crisis.

Toughie died on September 26, 2016, and his death brought a lot sadness and attention to the current state of the world's amphibian populations. 43% of which are in decline or already extinct. Although Toughie's death and the likely extinction of the Rabbs' Fringe-limbed Tree Frog is an extreme conservation failure, he continues to be an inspiration to conserve species while there is still time.

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The Atlantic

The Last of Its Kind: Keeping vigil over a species’ sole survivor, then marking its extinction in real time.

by Ed Yong

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CBS Sunday Morning

Partner Alexis Noel and Amphibian Foundation on CBS Sunday Morning with Faith Salie!

The Weather Channel

Back in the ABG days, Co-founder Mark Mandica was interviewed by Mike Bettes and Maria LaRosa about amphibians, and amphibian conservation. Mark also got to show of a Gopher Frog and Green Salamander, two imperiled Georgia species.

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'A win in the work to save a super-rare Georgia animal'

by Molly Samuel

Molly highlights the Amphibian Foundation's conservation success with the Frosted Flatwoods Salamander'

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Racing Extinction

We had the honor of contributing to the powerful documentary Racing Extinction, which sheds light on the world-wide extinction crisis.

Here is Mark Mandica, founder of the Amphibian Foundation discussing the global amphibian crisis with Joel Sartore and Louis Psihoyos of Racing Extinction. All 3 are advocates for amphibians — and supporters of the Endangered Species Act. This act protects species identified as in trouble, and now the act itself is in jeopardy of becoming extinct. The loss of which means the end of legal protection of species that really need it.

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TED Talk

We had the honor of being asked to deliver a TED talk at GA Tech in 2015 on salamanders and conservation.

Mark spoke on his lifelong love for salamanders, and how that love, coupled with meeting the right people at the right time transformed him into the amphibian conservationist he is today, and how his love of salamanders is now focused on saving one of the most endangered — the Frosted Flatwoods Salamander, Ambystoma cingulatum

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Huffington Post

'The Loneliest Frog in the World' - including a picture of Mark and his youngest, Anthony

by Leilani Münter

The powerful Huffington Post article by Leilani Münter focusing on amphibian conservation and the Rabbs' Fringe-limbed Tree Frog. She first became aware of 'Toughie' while working on the documentary Racing Extinction.

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Cry Havoc Theatre Company

ENDLINGS is an audio play that is being released with five videos and a pop-up website. Choreography by Emily Bernet. Videography by Taylor Valdez. Editing by Blake C. B. McCarty. Directed by Mara Richards Bim.


Science for Georgia

Tobias, AF Director of Research talked with Science for Georgia about the Amphibian Foundation's urban and amphibian conservation initiatives, as well as the Conservation Research Bridge Program'.

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'How We Ended Up With an Invasive Species as a Pet'
by Mary Jo DiLonardo

Mark Mandica was interviewed for this article on his thoughts about African Clawed Frogs (he's for 'em, but not for releasing them into the wild)'

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Mark and Crystal, AF Co-founders, were interviewed by CBS News' Jamie Kennedy about invasive Tegu lizards in Georgia.

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Mark had an opportunity to meet and talk with FaunaNation, a talented and passionate conservation group from India .

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Fox 5 - Good Day Atlanta

Paul Milliken from Fox 5's Good Day Atlanta came to the Foundation, and we took a peek inside the only collection of imperiled Frosted Flatwoods Salamanders. Thank you, Paul for helping people get to know this incredible Georgia species, that is disappearing before our eyes.

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Stuff to Blow Your Mind

September 26th, 2019: Mark Mandica: Amphibian Conservation and Vilified Reptiles

Mark Mandica, executive director of the Amphibian Foundation, returns to Stuff to Blow Your Mind to discuss the ongoing challenges of amphibian conservation as well as the value of two unfairly-vilified reptiles: the copperhead snake and the common snapping turtle.

Talaterra Podcast 2

Tania Marien of Talaterra interviewed Crystal and Mark Mandica again and explored questions like:
  • How is The Amphibian Foundation growing their network?
  • What is their new initiative for families?
  • Let’s find out.


'Amphibian Conservation Is Hopping in Atlanta, Hoping to Stave Off Global Mass Extinction'

by Laura Turner Seydel

Laura Seydel has always been a huge supporter of conservation, serves as an advisor on the Amphibian Foundation Board of Directors, and through The Turner Foundation has supported our efforts for Flatwoods Salamander conservation. In July 2016, she wrote an informative article on amphibians, and why we should conserve them. She also highlighted some of the conservation efforts over the years here in Atlanta.

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Saving One Of The Country’s Rarest Salamanders … In Buckhead

by Molly Samuel

Molly came and interviewed Mark and Crystal on the day the adult Flatwoods Salamanders arrived at the Amphibian Foundation. It was quite an honor to share the story of this critical program with the Atlanta community!

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Stuff to Blow Your Mind

September 25th, 2018: Salamander Talk with Mark Mandica

Amphibian Foundation founder, Mark Mandica had an opportunity to visit with Robert and Joe from Stuff to Blow Your Mind in the How Stuff Works studio and discuss salamanders, amphibians and the pressures that these animals are facing. Mark also talked about some of his favorite things about salamanders.


Talaterra Podcast

Tania Marien of Talaterra interviewed Amphibian Foundation founders Crystal and Mark Mandica and explored questions like:
  • How did Mark and Crystal build The Amphibian Foundation to what it is today?
  • What is their philosophy about community building?
  • What is critter camp for adults?
  • Let’s find out.

Herpin Time Radio

Herpin Time Radio Interviewed AF Founder Mark Mandica about amphibians, amphibian conservation and the Foundation — focusing on the species of priority at AF: Frosted Flatwoods Salamander, Striped Newt, and Gopher Frog.


Preserving It Before It’s Gone: The Blue Heron Nature Preserve A Hidden Gem In Buckhead

by Isadora Pennington

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Last Known Frog of its Species Projected onto Vatican Church

by Tex Dworkin

The first article about our amphibian conservation program, and especially the last known Rabbs' Fringe-limbed Tree Frog (Ecnomiohyla rabborum) and his wonderful image projected onto the Vatican Church.

The image was taken by reknowned conservation photographer, Joel Sartore. Actually, so was this image of the image being projected on the Vatican. So it's an image of an image, both by Joel ;)

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Peachtree TV (CBS46 News)

We had the amazing opportunity to share the limelight with our partners, such as Atlanta Audubon and The South Fork Conservancy in an interview with Adam Murphy of CBS46 News.

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'Meet 10 Stunning Frogs Whose Populations Are Dwindling'

by Tex Dworkin

This is the first time Mark Mandica, The Amphibian Foundation's Founder and Executive Director had his photography featured. Tex has been a great supporter of amphibian conservation and has published two articles on the subject on the website. This article features Mark's' photography, which is incidentally, all cell phone photography (LG).

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the Intown Hawk

the Intown Hawk - Wildlife in an Urban Neighborhood

Long-time Amphibian Conservation Supporters Bill Everitt and Amelia Fusaro just did a wonderful write up on the importance of urban amphibians

On their In Town Hawk blog. They also describe some of our programs at The Amphibian Foundation with ways to become involved!

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Northside Neighbor

'Buckhead's Amphibian Foundation seeks to save endangered species'

by Bill Baldowski

The statistics are staggering regarding what two species of amphibians are doing for the human race, but it is the human race which has put salamanders and frogs on the endangered species list..

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Indigo Magazine

'The Amphibian Foundation's Efforts to Save Threatened Species Before its too Late'

by Lacey Avery, Amanda Sargent and Mark Mandica

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