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Media and Image Use Policy

The Amphibian Foundation (AF) often receives photography, illustration, and video requests (collectively referred to as visuals). AF has the following policies regarding these requests, which apply to, but are not limited to, all media outlets/companies/organizations and representatives, institutions, partners, staff, and visitors.

For media inquiries, please see the Amphibian Foundation's Media Policy regarding how to proceed with your request. | media@amphibianfoundation.org

Press Releases

'Amphibian Conservation Is Hopping in Atlanta, Hoping to Stave Off Global Mass Extinction'

by Laura Turner Seydel

Laura Seydel has always been a huge supporter of conservation, serves as an advisor on the Amphibian Foundation Board of Directors, and through The Turner Foundation has supported our efforts for Flatwoods Salamander conservation. In July 2016, she wrote an informative article on amphibians, and why we should conserve them. She also highlighted some of the conservation efforts over the years here in Atlanta.

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