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Media and Image Use Policy

The Amphibian Foundation (AF) often receives photography, illustration, and video requests (collectively referred to as visuals). AF has the following policies regarding these requests, which apply to, but are not limited to, all media outlets/companies/organizations and representatives, institutions, partners, staff, and visitors.

For media inquiries, please see the Amphibian Foundation's Media Policy regarding how to proceed with your request.

Press Releases


'Meet 10 Stunning Frogs Whose Populations Are Dwindling'

by Tex Dworkin

This is the first time Mark Mandica, The Amphibian Foundation's Founder and Executive Director had his photography featured. Tex has been a great supporter of amphibian conservation and has published two articles on the subject on the Care2.com website. This article features Mark's' photography, which is incidentally, all cell phone photography (LG).

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the Intown Hawk

the Intown Hawk - Wildlife in an Urban Neighborhood

Long-time Amphibian Conservation Supporters Bill Everitt and Amelia Fusaro just did a wonderful write up on the importance of urban amphibians

On their In Town Hawk blog. They also describe some of our programs at The Amphibian Foundation with ways to become involved!

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Racing Extinction

We had the honor of contributing to the powerful documentary Racing Extinction, which sheds light on the world-wide extinction crisis.

Here is Mark Mandica, founder of the Amphibian Foundation discussing the global amphibian crisis with Joel Sartore and Louis Psihoyos of Racing Extinction. All 3 are advocates for amphibians — and supporters of the Endangered Species Act. This act protects species identified as in trouble, and now the act itself is in jeopardy of becoming extinct. The loss of which means the end of legal protection of species that really need it.

Visit Racing Extinction

Huffington Post

'The Loneliest Frog in the World' - including a picture of Mark and his youngest, Anthony

by Leilani Münter

The powerful Huffington Post article by Leilani Münter focusing on amphibian conservation and the Rabbs' Fringe-limbed Tree Frog. She first became aware of 'Toughie' while working on the documentary Racing Extinction.

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Northside Neighbor

'Buckhead's Amphibian Foundation seeks to save endangered species'

by Bill Baldowski

The statistics are staggering regarding what two species of amphibians are doing for the human race, but it is the human race which has put salamanders and frogs on the endangered species list..

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Indigo Magazine

'The Amphibian Foundation's Efforts to Save Threatened Species Before its too Late'

by Lacey Avery, Amanda Sargent and Mark Mandica

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