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Flatwoods Salamander Members


Jan Wendler

Thomas Palisi

Michael Martin

Christopher Herndon

Erin Cork

Christine Wander

Dave Hulmes

Joshua Netherton

Laurelin Sitterly

Bonnie Harrison

Dedicated to Connor Pendleton Howell

Teresa Stickels

Eva Squires

Jane Voss

Christopher Bagley

Melanie Foreman

Jacob Fister

Emily Capps

Emily Bragg

Carrie Aubin

Lesli Satterfield

Betty Hanacek

Whitney Kroschel

Derek Hauffe

Erin Smoak

Barbara Marston

Lawrence Bracken

Catherine Herschel

Carol L

Phil Cote

Mary Kimberly & Gavin MacDonald

Murphy Harrington

Max 'The Factor' Tauber

Lauren Noggle

Leslie Phillips

Susan Collins

Dirk Stevenson

Alec Williams

Matthew Bittner

Vince Howard

Jacqueline Harper

Emily Bragg

Rachel Price

Angela Ferguson

Gopher Frog Members

Steven Lindsay

Carol Parente

Marc Merlin

Ronald Willson

Andrew Keth

Susan Massie

Eric Maxwell

Patricia Bell

Karen Meinzen McEnerny

Sandra Garber

Jennifer Parks

David Gill

Lesli Satterfield

Alden Levine

Mitchell Heide

Striped Newt Members

Tom Sheehan

Priya Nanjappa

Michelle Hamner

Josh Craig

Heather Bostwick

Bradley Goodman

Kathy Smith

Christina Diaz

Mike Pingleton

John Jensen

Harry Booth

Ian Firestone

Katie Clayton

Robert Keiser

Sustaining Members

Aziz Nahas

Dorothy Winhold

Justin Pizzala

Elodie Westover

Scott Sheppard

Fran O'Reilly

Maureen Cartoon

Mark Bacchus

Richard Stevens

Carla Taquechel

Erin Feichtner

Sally Wansboro

Phyllis Ruther

Louis E Kiphen

Elise Cormier

Sarah Horsley

Angela Ferguson

Lesli Satterfield

Associated Student Council of Olivet Nazarene University

Alice Lee

Peter Chandler

Sheri Forman

Alan Toney

Danielle Ereddia

Beth Garrett

Guy Savastano

Corporate Sponsors and Donors

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