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    Protecting Amphibians and Their Habitats
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Why Should you Care?

Amphibians are vital and help keep humans and the environment healthy!

Limit the Spread of Disease
One thousand amphibians eat five million insects a year! This includes mosquitoes, which can spread diseases to humans.

Indicate Environmental Problems
An amphibian's permeable skin allows liquids and gases to pass through, making them sensitive to changes and problems in the environment. Amphibians helps scientists know if action is needed.

Improve Human Health
Compounds from frog skin can be used to treat humans for pain and infections.

Balance Ecosystems
Amphibian habitats range from deserts to the Arctic circle. Many animals rely on amphibians for food, making them critical for the food web. Ecosystems can become off-balance when there are fewer or less diverse amphibian communities.

The video below is a 6 minute introduction to the Amphibian Foundation, and describes what we do, why we do it and how you can help!

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