We are all very excited about our partnership with the Turtle Conservancy. The Turtle Conservancy leads one-of-a-kind conservation programs targeting some of the earth's most endangered species. Recently, they donated some of the most amazing, critically endangered turtles to the Amphibian Foundation for us to share with students in our educational and outreach programs, like: Critter Camp, Critter Club, Field Trips and Critters & Cabernet.

Pictured here are Erin (AF Volunteer), Amanda (AF Conservation Coordinator) and Justyne (President of the Georgia Reptile Society) on the day the Roti Island Snake-neck Turtles arrived at the Foundation. We thought we knew what the cutest turtles in the world were (4-way tie: Geoemyda, baby Box Turtles, baby Stinkpots, Bog Turtles) but we were wrong. These things are too much!