Master Herpetologist Program Suite - Available Courses

Southeastern Master Herpetologist

Amphibian Foundation, GA DNR and Orianne Society

The only in-person offering of the Master Herpetologist Program.

The in-person class in Atlanta is instructed jointly between the Foundation, GA DNR, the Orianne Society. Class meets Saturdays from 10 am - 3 pm (with an hour break for lunch) at the Amphibian Foundation.

For the in-person courses at the Amphibian Foundation, the fee also includes 2 field trips, a copy of Amphibians and Reptiles of Georgia (Jensen, et al), and a graduation luncheon.

Throughout the year, Master Herpetologists may be offered early bird or discounted registration for workshops and other reptile and amphibian events, including opportunities for field work in research studies.

Course Schedule

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Salamanders (w Copperhead Event)
Section 3: Frogs
Section 4: Amphibian Field Trip
Section 5: Turtles
Section 6: Snakes
Section 7: Reptile Field Trip
Section 8: Final Exam & Graduate Luncheon

Course instructors: Mark Mandica of the Amphibian Foundation and Agnes Scott College; Daniel Sollenberger of Georgia DNR; Chris Jenkins of the Orianne Society; and Grover Brown of University of Southern Mississippi

Registration is $400 for the 8 session program.

It includes lectures, guided field trips, Reptiles and Amphibians of Georgia (Jensen, et al.), a certificate, and graduate luncheon.

Registration is Currently Closed

Due to an increase in transmission rates of COVID-19, the Amphibian Foundation has suspended all in-person educational programs. Please fill out the form below, and we will notify you once registration opens again.

Chris Jenkins of the Orianne Society teaching the snake portion of the course
Dr. Chris Jenkins of the Orianne Society teaching the snake portion of the Master Herpetologist program.

The Amphibian Foundation is located at the beautiful, 30 acre, Blue Heron Nature Preserve in Buckhead (Atlanta, GA). The main building on the grounds holds 3 of the Foundation's research labs, office space and classrooms, as well as Atlanta Audubon Society, and the Blue Heron Nature Preserve's administration offices and classrooms. It is a hub for urban ecology and conservation right in Atlanta. The course will be held in the Amphibious AF Meeting Room, which is unfortunately, not wheelchair accessible.

Master Herpetologist Class of 2019
Master Herpetologists gather at Sweetwater State Park for the reptile field trip

We, as Georgians are lucky to have such a comprehensive and wonderful guide to our native herpetofauna. John Jensen (State Herpetologist for GA DNR) and others have compiled a comprehensive resource for those interested in learning about our local frogs, salamanders, lizards, turtles, and snakes. While this is not required reading for the Master Herpetologist Program, it provides in-depth supplemental information for what we will be covering during the course.

Why take the Master Herpetologist Course?

First and foremost, the Master Herpetologist program is an intensive class in herpetology, covering most of the major groups in detail. While the instructors aim to make the material accessible to the widest audience possible, students should anticipate spending between 8-10 hours per two-week session to digest the information (up to 5 hours/week).

The students so far have come from a wide range of backgrounds including: college and graduate students, educators, agency professionals, naturalists, and herp enthusiasts. Typically students are interested in gaining knowledge and connections in the field of herpetology, and building their resume with certification as a Master Herpetologist.

The certificate also serves as documentation of program completion, including passing the final exam.

Bulletin of the Chicago Herpetological Society

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A wonderful review of the course by Amelia Pollock

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Atlanta Course Resources

The course resources, materials and lectures slides are for students in the Atlanta, GA USA class only and not available to the public, or to Online Master Herpetologists.

Students, please do not share your passwords as some of the resources available to you through your registration are governmental documents and data and cannot be shared publicly.

Course Resource Folder